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Flavour is at the heart of every bespoke Aemyrie wood fired oven, and nothing compares to the taste and aroma of food cooked over real wood and charcoal. The world’s most luxurious wood fired ovens provide gastronomic perfection through innovation, unrivalled beauty, exceptional performance and unique functionality.

An open view of one of our bespoke wood-fired grills


Every Aemyrie wood fired oven is made by hand in England to a customer’s unique requirements and provides its owner with a true sense of individuality. Each commission is built to the highest quality standards by a dedicated team of artisan craftsmen, designers and engineers using the finest materials available.

The Aemyrie luxury outdoor oven


There are many cooking styles available when using an Aemyrie grill including: smoke, barbecue, grill, roast and sear using solid logs, charcoal, briquettes and hardwood pellets. An innovative and patent pending intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the oven settings to ensure food is cooked to complete perfection every time.

An open view of the Aemyrie luxury wood-fired barbecue
The top view of an Aemyrie custom grill

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