2 Reasons Why Homeowners are Choosing to Install Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

More and more homeowners are opting for a luxury outdoor kitchen over an extension or other property improvement. Just why are so many people getting luxury outdoor kitchens and what is so appealing about them? We know that there are many reasons, but two in particular seem to crop up more than others…


To Increase Property Value

Luxury outdoor kitchens are only increasing in popularity, and are becoming much more sought after in the property market amongst buyers. As expected, a commodity like an outdoor kitchen increases the value of your home, but did you know that it actually sees one of the highest rates of ROI (return on investment) amongst property improvements? Reports from CNN Money, About.com and Remodeling Magazine suggest that some outdoor kitchens can return 100% to 200% of the improvement cost! Of course, other factors are at work including the rest of your property and location, but high quality builds often see the best returns.


To Create More Opportunities to Socialise

Whether it be day to day interactions centred around the hub of the home, or meeting up with friends and family for get-togethers, many see outdoor kitchens as a way to bring them closer to those they care about most. Providing a novel yet practical place for the family to use could see everyone spending more time with each other than they usually would, and can open up the opportunity to hosting more events now that there is a proper place for them.


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A luxury outdoor kitchen on a wooden decking, surrounded by shrubs.