5 Flame-Grilled Recipes for National Vegetarian Week

The team at Aemyrie are always looking for something new to try on our bespoke grill, and really love to challenge ourselves when it comes to food. No wonder then that we were very excited to hear about National Vegetarian Week! Often seen as the domain of meat, now is the perfect opportunity to flex our grilling muscles and show that pretty much everything is better with added smoke and char marks – especially vegetables!


Sage, honey and roasted red pepper cornbread

A perfect way to start off vegetarian week is with this luscious cornbread, which quickly surpasses “treat” territory and crosses right into being a comfort food. Deliciously sweet and moist, you will want to make enough for leftovers throughout the week!


Grilled Potato Salad Recipe

Every vegetarian who’s ever been to a barbecue has had the fun experience of finding out that the only thing they can eat there are the burger buns, limp pieces of lettuce, and potato salad. It is time to turn the tables, and by grilling the ingredients, plus switching up salad cream and mayo for vinaigrette, we have a side that is anything but bland.


Grilled Pineapple Lemonade

We have written before about grilling your own drinks, and we have to admit that we are still weak for the concept! Adding a smoky yet tart twist on the usual Summery flavour, this drink is perfect as is, garnished, or mixed with something a bit stronger.


Grilled Mushroom Kabobs

Stuffed portobello mushrooms are something of a staple, but these mushroom kabobs have really caught our eye! Easy to make and fun to eat, these may soon become a new hit on the grill!


Cheese-Stuffed Grilled Peppers

Everyone loves stuffed and grilled peppers, and we just couldn’t ignore a version as delightfully decadent as this one. The explosion of cheese hidden inside always goes down really well, and the recipe can be adjusted for everyone depending on spice tolerance.


Why not try creating your own masterpiece on an Aemyrie bespoke grill this #NationalVegetarianWeek? Request a brochure and personal introduction by emailing info@aemyrie.com, calling +44 (0)1243 378274, or completing the contact form on our website.