The Aemyrie Story

Aemyrie grills are created through the time honoured and labour intensive process of making each wood fired grill by hand, as we believe this is the only way to create the world’s most luxurious outdoor grill.


Whether a component that has been hand cast from iron or aluminium; hardwood panels that receive the same attention to detail as a superyacht, or a paint finish that is painstakingly created, achieving exceptional quality and unrivalled beauty is the hallmark of everything that Aemyrie represents.

The process of commissioning a new Aemyrie starts with a dedicated design consultation; in which the client chooses the materials, colours and finishes for their new outdoor kitchen creation.

Final designs are presented using specialist 3D software and a 360-degree animation. The Aemyrie team also produce photorealistic imagery for clients using their own residence, garden, outdoor kitchen or yacht as the setting.

There are over 2,000 components which make up an Aemyrie grill, and similar to the creation of a luxury car or yacht, each component is assembled, tested and inspected by a master craftsman before being approved.

Individual panels and components receive different treatment and finishing options. Interiors can be painted in temperature resistant coatings and we can also apply one of several special finishes to other surfaces using paints, powders, enamels and even liquid metals.

The iconic end panels are individually selected by the customer and are crafted, assembled and finished by a specialist facility. Making these beautifully curved panels is extremely complex and master craftsman can only complete this time-consuming process by hand.

Bespoke cast components include handles, hood hinges, facia panels and side panels. All of these are created by a 300-year-old foundry with each component being individually cast, finished and quality checked by hand to ensure perfection.


Each Aemyrie wood fired grill weighs around 450Kg and so final assembly and commissioning are completed onsite. Once assembled, the new barbeque grill gets a final quality check and is finely polished before being unveiled to its new owner. A personal demonstration of each function of the wood fired grill is then provided, with some clients also choosing to have their own catering teams trained in how Aemyrie helps other top professional chefs to achieve the very best in fine dining.

An image of an Aemyrie Wood Fired Grill reflecting a sunset | bespoke outdoor kitchen