The Three Basics For Barbecue

Here at Aemyrie we know that a luxury outdoor oven experience is a force to be reckoned with. Cooking on real wood can make normal meals that extra bit special or can create an absolutely fantastic party or event. But grilling isn’t something that comes naturally (as much as we might wish it did) so here are three things to keep in mind if you’re a beginner at barbecuing!



The first step to success in anything comes with getting solid foundations in place and barbecue is no exception to this. You will want to choose the correct fuel to use and though it might be tempting to go for convenience, this can actually negatively impact things. Charcoal does not add much smoke flavour by itself and lower quality/quick lighting charcoal can contain chemicals to help it burn which may taint the flavour of food being prepared. For this reason, seasoned grillers also advise against using petroleum-based products to help start your fire.

For some purists, real wood is the only way to achieve perfection, however, many people choose high-quality lumpwood charcoal and briquettes plus seasoned hardwoods to add smoke and additional flavour. Oak, apple, birch, maple and cherry are all popular hardwood choices, and can usually be found in the barbecue section of good garden centres and online retailers. It is generally advised to avoid grilling with softwoods which are resinous as these may produce an undesirable tasting smoke and soot.


Once you’ve set up your barbecue, you’ll want something of the highest quality to put on it! The most luxurious and expensive cuts of meat like fillet steak may fare better with hot and fast searing, but the greatest flavours and melt in the mouth textures can come from the cheapest cuts (like brisket, shoulder and short rib) which need to be smoked, or cooked low and slow for many hours to get the very best out of them.


Exactly how you tend to your luxury outdoor oven is the third important factor for grilling success! There has been a lot of debate around bringing meat to room temperature before grilling, however we believe that these three articles from cooking guru’s Meathead Goldwyn, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and Steve Raichlen make the case for not doing this. In the Aemyrie Test Kitchen, we always take meat straight from the fridge to the grill…

Watch out for dripping fat and oils creating a flare up. A controlled fire is a beautiful thing however if flames suddenly flare up and engulf the food being cooked then move it to another part of the grill and use a spray bottle filled with water only as a last resort! Learn more about controlling a flare-up here.


If you want to experience the delights of a luxury outdoor oven for yourself, then Aemyrie is here to help you live that dream! We handcraft the highest quality bespoke grills right here in the UK and would be delighted to speak with you about the wide range of personalised finishes, colours and options available to an Aemyrie owner. Take the next step towards culinary perfection today by contacting us at or by calling +44 (0)1243 378274.

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