How Beer Can Make or Break Your Barbecue

Alcohol like wine and beer can be found at any barbecue, and this is unlikely to change even when you upgrade to an Aemyrie luxury wood-fired barbecue – some things just work. But even though you’re used to seeing drinks at barbecues, are you using them correctly? Here are a few ways to add them to your next grilling session in a way you might not have thought of before!



Soaking your wood chips in wine or beer mean that they’ll end up smouldering instead of completely catching fire, which is perfect for smoking or “low and slow” techniques. This method is also thought to add a bit of extra flavour to whatever you’re cooking over it, though there is debate amongst grill enthusiasts as to how true this is. Why not try it for yourself and share your results?


You’ve surely heard of cooking with wine, and this can be extended to barbecues, too! Beer and wine can be used to make tasty marinades for chicken, pork, and many other meats – you can even use the can itself to shape burgers into bowls that can be stuffed with extra fillings!

As an alternative to marinades, you can also use drinks like wine and beer to make various dipping and mop sauces – the possibilities are endless!


Pairing the right drinks with your food can make all the difference to any meal. Of course, every rule is there to be broken, but you’ll often find it’s the case that there are certain pairings that generally do and do not work; for example, if you’re serving a spicier kind of barbecue, then you’ll want to serve sweeter drinks and avoid more bitter options.

Cocktails are also a fun accompaniment to any meal, especially a barbecue – if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not try grilling a few of your own?


Nothing quite completes the luxury wood-fired barbecue dining experience like an Aemyrie grill does! You too could be serving freshly grilled food and drinks to your friends and family in your luxurious outdoor kitchen, with the Aemyrie grill holding centre stage (after you, of course) as everyone marvels over its superior British craftsmanship. For pricing information, or to find out more about the Aemyrie experience, contact us today by emailing or calling +44 (0)1243 378274 – we’re always happy to chat with fellow grilling enthusiasts.

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