A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Grilling

The team at Aemyrie are proud to support outdoor grill enthusiasts of all skill and knowledge levels, from professional caterers who are well seasoned (quite literally at times) to those who have only just discovered the thrill of cooking with smoke and an open flame. Most professionals are well equipped with knowledge and experience, but the less confident can always use a helping hand to get started and we have rounded up a few basics to consider:


  • Direct heat may be a common form of cooking using an outdoor grill, but it pays well to experiment with other methods such as indirect grilling.


  • Don’t tightly pack your grill when cooking – leave room for food to be moved in the event of a flare up. If a flare up doesn’t die down and starts to get out of control, you should remove any food immediately and switch off your grill.


  • Marinades containing sugar should be cooked at lower temperatures to prevent them from burning.


  • Invest in a meat thermometer to ensure that you serve perfectly grilled (and perfectly safe) dishes every time. Aemyrie owners can take the guesswork out of cooking by setting the desired temperature for their grills through the digital control panel.


  • Most foods have different requirements for grilling, depending on what it is and how it’s being prepared and served. For example; you will need different techniques to quickly grill a thin cut of lamb compared to stuffed dessert apples.


  • Experiment with fuel types – different woods impart distinct smoke flavours and some complement particular foods more than others.


  • Maintain your grill regularly. Check any components for damage and wear, and keep the unit clean to ensure safety and efficiency.


Aemyrie wishes you well with all your outdoor grill endeavours, whether they be simple or complex, a treat for yourself, or something to share with loved ones! To learn more about the unique experience that Aemyrie ownership affords then request a brochure and personal introduction today by emailing info@aemyrie.com, calling +44 (0)1243 378274, or completing the contact form on our website.

A selection of different foods cooked on an outdoor grill.