The Grill Enthusiast Gift Guide

Buying for someone who has everything can be pretty tough, and trying to think of a gift for someone who owns their own bespoke outdoor grill from Aemyrie can be a real challenge! Fortunately, there are plenty of gifts to choose from that can complement your grill and work perfectly alongside it. If you are wondering what to get for the grilling enthusiast in your life this Christmas then why not try one of the following:




Grill enthusiasts love to try out new flavours and combinations, and while their spice rack may be well-stocked, you should be able to find something new for them to try (or keep them topped up with old favourites). They will always appreciate receiving new marinades and rubs to test out, too. We love what our friends at Angus & Oink are doing.


Luxury Waxed Canvas Apron


This highly functional apron provides all the protection anyone would need for cooking, and has the added benefit of matching the luxury aesthetic of our bespoke outdoor grills. This hand-waxed apron is much more refined and durable than a cheaper novelty apron and should appeal to any outdoor kitchen enthusiast.


Atmospheric Lighting


Most grill enthusiasts have a penchant for not only cooking but outing outside all year round, especially if they own an outdoor kitchen – they probably love to entertain there, too. With this in mind, a great gift to give them would be candles and lanterns that they could use to make their outdoor eating area that little bit more cosy and atmospheric.


Flavoured Hardwoods


A bespoke outdoor grill from Aemyrie features a safe and odourless automatic Ceramignite® ignition system which gets fuel lit and to cooking temperature within minutes.

When grilling or smoking with charcoal, additional tastes & aromas can easily be introduced by using various hardwoods like oak, cherry, maple and beech. Each hardwood has its own unique flavour characteristics which will help to elevate your gastronomic creations to new levels of flavour. Get creative and experiment!

If you are ready to experience your own bespoke outdoor grill from Aemyrie, then request a brochure and personal introduction today by emailing, calling +44 (0)1243 378274, or completing the contact form on our website.

A selection of different spices, which is a great gift to accompany a bespoke outdoor grill.