Out of the Frying Pan: When’s it Done?

With our beautifully crafted bespoke grills, Aemyrie is passionate about bringing a high-end outdoor oven experience to the UK! Of course, many of us only have a little experience when it comes to cooking over an open flame, smoking meat, or grilling the perfect dish, and this can lead to serving either overdone or undercooked food, which is nothing short of a disaster. So, how can this be avoided?   More experienced cooks are often able to tell when something is done by eye or ‘feel’, but for the rest of us, it’s most advisable to use a specialist…

Kebabs being cooked on a high-end outdoor oven

Spice Up Your BBQ by Grilling Your Drinks as well as Your Dinner

Here at Aemyrie we are passionate about providing you with a delightful BBQ through our luxury bespoke wood fired grills. To enhance your BBQ experiences why not try grilling your drinks? Our wood fired grills are perfect to enhance the flavour of your drinks morning, noon, or night. Grilling your cocktails will give them a unique smoky flavour that will impress any guest that comes to visit.   To create the perfect grilled beverage you can use any ripe fruit. One of the best tips to keep in mind when grilling your fruit is to use a medium temperature. This…

A red cocktail with slices of citrus | Bespoke Wood Fired Grills

Create Sensational Flavours This BBQ Week

As creators of the world’s finest luxury custom grills, Aemyrie are obviously massive fans of all things barbecue, which is why we are so excited about this year’s National BBQ Week. This just so happens to coincide with the start of June, which is also when we will start offering our bespoke grills for sale!   From 29th May – 4th June National BBQ Week will be celebrating its 21st year of encouraging outdoor cooking and grilling in gardens, establishments like pubs, and other open spaces. As one of the leading UK awareness weeks, National BBQ Week has definitely impacted…

BBQ Prawns | Custom Grills

The Internet Is Getting Fired Up About Our Bespoke Wood Fired Grills

Anticipating the launch of our wood fired grill, Aemyrie has been receiving amazing exposure across social media and the internet. We are passionate about creating and promoting a revolution in luxury wood fired outdoor living and feel privileged to be part of the luxury grilling, barbeque and outdoor living community. It is a true pleasure to be surrounded by such friendly and enthusiastic people, a few of which have been kind enough to feature Aemyrie online. We know that this is at least in part due to the quality of our products, which are all handmade in the UK…

Wood Fired Grill

The Aemyrie Story

Aemyrie grills are created through the time honoured and labour intensive process of making each wood fired grill by hand, as we believe this is the only way to create the world’s most luxurious outdoor grill.   Whether a component that has been hand cast from iron or aluminium; hardwood panels that receive the same attention to detail as a superyacht, or a paint finish that is painstakingly created, achieving exceptional quality and unrivalled beauty is the hallmark of everything that Aemyrie represents. The process of commissioning a new Aemyrie starts with a dedicated design consultation; in which the…

An image of an Aemyrie Wood Fired Grill reflecting a sunset | bespoke outdoor kitchen