Building the Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

It is 2018, and a bespoke outdoor kitchen is the new must-have amenity – aside from being stylish, functional, and absolutely on-trend, outdoor kitchens can even add extra value to your property! A wood-fired oven by Aemyrie is the perfect addition to any bespoke outdoor kitchen, and is bound to be the star of the show at any event you hold. But what else should you be considering when you install your ideal outdoor kitchen? We’ve got a few pointers!


Furnish your outdoor kitchen with a preparation area including worktops, and perhaps even a sink and mini fridge. A dining area is also the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor kitchen, and you could even add a relaxation zone complete with cushions, bean bags, or a sofa. This will make your outdoor kitchen the perfect space for entertaining, as well as transforming your regular family meals into something much more exciting and sociable.

Of course, with all this exposed to the outdoor elements, you may want to install a roof for protection. Additionally, why not add an outdoor heater so you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen all year round – using your Aemyrie oven as the rain pitter-patters overhead can be wonderfully cosy and is a surefire way to chase away any winter blues!

In the sunshine, you can cook up a storm pretty much whenever you like, and with Aemyrie we like to think this is without the hassle of a standard barbecue. The electronic Ceramignite® ignition system is exceptionally quick to reach ‘ready to cook’ temperatures, and the automatic temperature control functions mean that you can create amazing food whilst enjoying the great company of friends, family and loved ones. Even when quietly running at full temperature, the exterior remains safe to touch, thanks to a unique construction methodology and the use of space-age materials.


Complete your bespoke outdoor kitchen today with a luxury Aemyrie wood-fired oven. For pricing information or to find out more about our custom finishes and various bespoke options, call us now on +44 (0) 1243 378274 or email

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