Buying Meat for Your Luxury Grill

It’s perfectly feasible to cook cheaper cuts of meat of your luxury grill from Aemyrie, but why settle for less? You want your meal to come out perfectly, and for that to happen it’s best to state of with a quality foundation of good meat, but what should you be considering when you go to buy it? Aemyrie are here to lend a helping hand!


Naturally, you’ll want to use only the best ingredients for your luxury grill, and quality meat is most easily found at the farmer’s market or butchers. You can also ask the sellers for their recommendations, and they may even introduce you to new cuts or flavour combinations that you were previously unaware of!

You’ll want to ensure that any cuts of meat that you purchase are even; if one side is thinner than the other then it will cook unevenly, which can impair the overall result. Thick cuts are best for grilling as it will prevent the meat from drying out, which happens all too easily with thinner cuts.

If you do end up buying something pre-packaged from a supermarket, try to avoid purchasing any meat labelled with phrases such as “flavour enhanced” (also be wary of self- or pre-basted, or injected) as this kind of meat has usually been injected with salt water for the sake of bulking volume and weight. You can easily add flavour yourself with herbs, spices, marinates and smoke, so there’s no need for you to pay extra for previously added brine!

Finally, it pays to remember that meat isn’t the only thing you can cook with a grill! The possibilities are endless with a bit of innovation and experimentation; read our other blogs for ideas on what surprising things you can cook with your own luxury grill!


If you find your mouth watering at the thought of quality cuts of meat sizzling away on a bespoke luxury grill constructed right here in Britain, then Aemyrie Living should be your first port of call! For enquiries or pricing information, contact us today at +44 (0)1243 378274 or; we always love to chat with fellow grill enthusiasts!

Luxury grill with seasoned and cooked ribs