Celebrate Peach Month With Your Luxury Grill

We believe that owning a luxury grill helps to broaden culinary horizons by opening up a whole range of new barbecuing and cooking possibilities. Upon discovering the thrills of chargrilling, smoking, and more on a bespoke masterpiece, many people are emboldened to try new recipes that may never have been considered before With that in mind, and inspired by the fact that August is National Peach Month, we have put together a selection of unique dishes that will give you an excuse to fire up the grill and experiment!


Blue Cheese & Pancetta Pizza With Grilled Peaches

Nothing quite beats a freshly prepared wood-fired pizza, and combining salty pancetta with sweet grilled peaches results in a culinary masterpiece of a pizza, especially when you add tangy blue cheese to finish! Garnish with rocket and you will have your first Peach Month masterpiece!


Grilled Peach Spiked Iced Tea

A refreshing glass of iced tea is sure to help you beat the heat as summer draws to a close! This recipe calls for grilled peaches and a dash of vodka – a kick that is sure to go down a treat on lazy summer evenings, whether spent alone or gathered around your luxury grill with friends.


Pork & Peach Kebabs with Little Gem Salad

Rich and smoky, these kebabs are┬ásure to tantalise your tastebuds! Alternating peach and pork creates a superb contrast of flavours and textures that make this dish a delight to eat, and to serve! Surprise your guests with something different or keep it all to yourself – either way, it is much more fun than traditional barbecue fare such as burgers!


Grilled Peach Mascarpone Ice Cream

We could not have a list of peach-themed recipes without including at least one dessert, and this recipe is certainly a fantastic one! Incorporating mascarpone gives this ice cream a wonderfully velvety texture and a slight tangy flavour, which blends nicely with the caramelised, smoky undertaste of grilled peaches.


Are you lusting after an Aemyrie luxury grill to conjure up these perfect peach dishes for yourself, family and friends? If you would like to join an exclusive club of grilling enthusiasts who own the most sophisticated piece of culinary equipment in the world, request a brochure and personal introduction today by filling out our contact form; calling +44 (0) 1243 378274, or emailing info@aemyrie.com.

A picture of a chopped up peach on a plate, ready for the luxury grill