Choosing a Centrepiece for Your Bespoke Outdoor Kitchen

More and more people are indulging in outdoor kitchens to create luxury havens which are perfect for family meals, entertaining and socialising. At Aemyrie, our specialist design teams know that the cornerstone of any bespoke outdoor kitchen is the oven or grill at its centre, and that the model you choose will have a big impact. Therefore, when choosing which grill to purchase, make sure to review the following…


  • You may want to consider whether your new grill will fit in with the overall look of your bespoke outdoor kitchen. For the discerning wanting to maintain a consistent aesthetic, Aemyrie products are commissioned precisely to client specifications and come in any number of finishes to match or contrast their surroundings.
  • Quality materials assembled with pride and care are paramount when it comes to purchasing a product that you can trust. Aemyrie is handmade in England by highly skilled designers, craftsmen and engineers, who use only the finest materials available. Our team considers every Aemyrie commission to be an investment and we use only 304 or 316-grade stainless steel throughout backed by a guarantee of the build quality of these components for life.
  • Just how many people you may be catering for may impact your decision heavily – after all, if you have twelve guests but your grill can only cater for six it could prove problematic! Aemyrie can comfortably serve 30 or more people, making it ideal for both personal use, entertaining and professional catering.
  • Fuel type is an age-old debate for many grill enthusiasts depending on whether they favour gas for convenience, or solid fuel for flavour. An Aemyrie uses a combination of charcoal, briquettes, solid wood pellets, and hardwood logs. Incorporating a powerful electronic fuel ignition system; it requires no gas bottle and simply plugs into the mains; providing all the convenience and simplicity of a gas grill with all the flavour that can only be achieved by cooking with smoke over a real wood fire.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are also important factors when it comes to choosing an oven or grill for your outdoor kitchen. An Aemyrie can reach temperatures far higher than conventional ovens and features a special mode for self-cleaning. Selecting this programme through the intuitive control panel increases the oven temperature high enough that many cooking residues are carbonised and can be simply brushed away.


The crowning jewel of any well-designed bespoke outdoor kitchen is surely a luxury wood-fired oven from Aemyrie. We offer breath-taking results to our clients, and are dedicated to a philosophy of bringing the finest cooking experiences to those who appreciate beauty & bespoke craftsmanship as much as they do gastronomic perfection. Begin your journey to join an exclusive ownership club by requesting a brochure and personal introduction. Simply call +44 (0)1243 378274 or email

An Aemyrie wood-fired oven as the centrepiece of a bespoke outdoor kitchen