Eggcellent Grilled Easter Desserts

Spring is truly here and the days are getting longer, meaning that many are looking forward to heading outside and making use of their bespoke outdoor grill. The team at Aemyrie love grilling all year round, but when the sun comes out, we really have a chance to play. If ever an excuse was needed, then what better reason could there be that to use your grill at Easter? There is a whole array of delicious desserts that can be whipped up on an outdoor grill, and here are some of our favourites. We think these really celebrate that wonderful feeling of hope, growth and renewal which is so unique to this time of year.


Iced Cinnamon Buns

Time to break out the cinnamon for these scrumptiously soft, spiced buns that will have your garden smelling like your very own slice of heaven. These are delicious served warm or cold, but we recommend warm (while the icing is still runny), and you can add a new twist to a classic recipe by letting them a char a little to add some crunch.


Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is always a delight to make and serve, not only because it conjures images of the easter bunny, but we can pat ourselves on the back for eating vegetables! This delicious frosting-topped carrot cake will pair beautifully with walnut halves to make the perfect Easter treat.


Hot Cross Bun

Does anything make you think of Easter more than hot cross buns? Make the most of the long Easter weekend by cooking this classic and filling the spring air with the smell of spiced buns baking!


Simnel Cake

Enough buns, time for some more cake – Simnel cake, that is! Beautifully rich and flavoured, you can really take the extra time and care to decorate this and turn it into a showstopper (which you may be more inclined to do if serving to your mother, as one tradition goes).


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A selection of cinnamon buns