Feast in Style This #OrganicSeptember

Great news – it’s the perfect time to put your Aemyrie outdoor barbecue oven to good use this #OrganicSeptember as it is #ChickenMonth too! The best quality ingredients mean the best tasting dishes, and what could be better than to choose a beautiful organic chicken? Smoke, barbecue, and roast your way to poultry perfection this September with the following recipes!


Barbecued Hoisin Chicken Skewers


With added sesame dressing and rice wine vinegar, these hoisin skewers have a real depth of flavour that’s refreshing to find paired with chicken instead of duck. Serve with a crisp cucumber salad to complement the flavours and add some crunch to this rich dish.


Hawaiian Chicken


An excellent recipe that calls for chicken thighs over breasts or drumsticks, which in itself is a nice change from the usual cuts of chicken you find grilled, no matter how delicious. Sticky and sweet, this chicken really comes into its own when paired with coconut rice and spring onion.


Hanging BBQ Chicken


Hanging your chicken over coals is a fantastic way to get gentle direct heat and perfect crispy skin. You will also get a much more even cook than you would from simply turning meat on a regular grill – in fact, hanging chicken doesn’t need to be turned at all! Try this method today for easy juicy grilled chicken and sides to match by foil wrapping sweet potatoes and hanging them alongside your meat.


Spatchcock Barbecue Chicken


It is impossible to think of barbecued chicken without inevitably envisioning a perfectly grilled spatchcock – it’s simply too much of a classic! Try it with lemon, paprika, and garlic for a little twist on a barbecue staple.


At Aemyrie we appreciate the classics as well as modern dishes, and every outdoor barbecue oven we produce is versatile enough to handle any the imagination of any chef. Request a brochure and personal introduction by calling 01243 378274 or by emailing info@aemyrie.com.

A picture of chicken skewers, ready for the outdoor barbecue oven.