Out of the Frying Pan: When’s it Done?

With our beautifully crafted bespoke grills, Aemyrie is passionate about bringing a high-end outdoor oven experience to the UK! Of course, many of us only have a little experience when it comes to cooking over an open flame, smoking meat, or grilling the perfect dish, and this can lead to serving either overdone or undercooked food, which is nothing short of a disaster. So, how can this be avoided?


More experienced cooks are often able to tell when something is done by eye or ‘feel’, but for the rest of us, it’s most advisable to use a specialist BBQ thermometer… Always double check that meat is cooked properly, and allow it to rest before serving.

But how do you know when something is done? Well, meat needs to be cooked at the right temperature and for the right length of time. This also depends on what kind of meat it is, the cut, and what kind of dish you are intending to serve; are you wanting to cook with smoke or flame, do you want to sear or roast, cook hot and fast or low and slow?

Some like their beef or lamb rare, but you really don’t want to risk undercooked pork or poultry, so care should be taken if you are planning on searing the latter. They are both perfect for low and slow smoking techniques as long as the correct and safe internal temperatures are achieved.

You can take the guesswork out of traditional barbecues with an Aemyrie grill, which provides a unique automatic temperature control system and food probe for checking internal temperatures giving a highly accurate indication of when your food is perfectly ready.


If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor cooking experience by purchasing a high-end outdoor oven, then a bespoke Aemyrie grill is certainly worth your consideration. Hand-made in the UK, customised to suit you, and assembled right in your backyard, Aemyrie is everything you need to revolutionise the way you cook outside! Contact us today for more information or to order one of our premium grills; we’re always on hand to answer any of your questions!

Kebabs being cooked on a high-end outdoor oven