Top Tips for Grilling Perfection

We are certain that owning a luxury wood-fired barbecue from Aemyrie broadens the culinary horizons of any enthusiast. Cooking on wood allows for a new and exciting array of dishes to be experimented with, new flavours to be found, and friends to be impressed. Experimenting aside, there are a few basic tips that are always helpful to bear in mind which will provide a solid foundation to build from in your cooking.


  • You shouldn’t need to oil your grill. Many are tempted to do this as an attempt to keep food from sticking, but this may leave your food with an unpleasant carbon taste and can actually make sticking worse! If you must oil something, then make it your food.
  • “Resting” meat at a lower temperature before serving can give you better results with taste and texture.
  • Learning about “carryover cooking” can also help when cooking larger cuts or joints of meat on a tight schedule
  • Barbecues can often be cleaned right before using – light your grill, wait a little while for it to heat up, and simply remove any residue on your grill with a stiff brush or crumpled up tin foil.
  • Leave space between everything on your grill to ensure even cooking and allow airflow to the fuel below.
  • Using lighter fluid as an accelerant can taint your food and leave a chemical taste, so you might want to find another way to get your fire going (such as using a chimney starter).
  • If you are entertaining, try to refrain from buying too much and avoid food wastage. It’s also a good idea to check your guests’ dietary requirements – are any vegan, or intolerant to lactose or gluten? This will affect what they can eat and what you should buy and prepare!


If you are passionate about grilling and are actively in pursuit of gastronomic perfection, then a luxury wood-fired barbecue handcrafted in England by Aemyrie may be just what you are looking for. Our wood fired grills transcend ordinary barbecue cooking and elevate outdoor kitchens to the next level. Enquire today about the wide range of personalised finishes, colours and options available to an Aemyrie owner by calling +44 (0)1243 378274 or by emailing We are always eager to chat with fellow grilling enthusiasts!

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