The Internet Is Getting Fired Up About Our Bespoke Wood Fired Grills

Anticipating the launch of our wood fired grill, Aemyrie has been receiving amazing exposure across social media and the internet. We are passionate about creating and promoting a revolution in luxury wood fired outdoor living and feel privileged to be part of the luxury grilling, barbeque and outdoor living community. It is a true pleasure to be surrounded by such friendly and enthusiastic people, a few of which have been kind enough to feature Aemyrie online. We know that this is at least in part due to the quality of our products, which are all handmade in the UK and, as solely wood-fired grills are completely gas-free. So, who exactly has been saying good things about us?



We were extremely excited and very proud to be featured by the prestigious international publication GQ as one of the ‘coolest things in the world’. What a compliment! It was also fantastic to see our name and product showcased in the same list as other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.


Encompass is a UK-based company specialising in premium furnishings, and are all about modern design and quality. This definitely falls in line with the ethos and values of Aemyrie and we cannot help but be flattered at their beautifully detailed description of our outdoor kitchens. The team at Encompass truly understand exactly what makes our grills a luxury product, and have lovingly written so!

The Sybarite

The Sybarite is an exclusive platform for lovers of luxury complete with private members lounge, and we were honoured to be included in their March Lust List! It was amazing to see Aemyrie being featured alongside must-have items like Beats by Dre and fabulously stylish Valentino pieces, though we also believe that our stylish and bespoke wood fired grill fit in wonderfully!

United Q

You can also catch the brains behind Aemyrie on one of United Q’s weekly podcasts, where we find a kindred spirit in Daniel and Ben as we discuss Q’FEST, the origin of our wood fired grill, and talk all things smoking. They even describe Aemyrie as the Rolls Royce of grills, which, awesome compliment aside, is exactly what we set out to achieve!


If the thought of high-tech, bespoke, beautifully designed and handcrafted wood-fired grills piques your interest then why not read more about our product journey or take a look at the number of ways an Aemyrie can be customised to create a completely unique piece of art for your outdoor area or kitchen. Please contact us to discuss the wide range of personalised finishes, colours and options available to an Aemyrie owner and in the meantime, we will keep you up to date on everything Aemyrie through our website and social media accounts.

Wood Fired Grill