(n.) a glowing fragment (as of wood) from a fire.



Old English origin as in æmyrge, æmerge, eymere




The Aemyrie team is dedicated to creating the world’s finest wood fired grills and our customers are the most important part of everything that we do. We passionately believe that creating the highest quality products and delivering a personalised, world class service ensures that our customers are constantly delighted and proud to be a part of the global Aemyrie family.


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Aemyrie redefines luxury in outdoor kitchens and is the creation of years of research and development by a group of grilling enthusiasts and international fine food, wine & cooking aficionados. The business is powered by a team of artisan craftsmen, experienced designers and professional engineers who are dedicated to creating the world’s finest bespoke wood fired ovens. All Aemyrie commissions are built by hand in England to the very highest specifications.

The name Aemyrie comes from the Old English word for ‘ember’ and as the world’s most luxurious wood fired oven gives food and art lovers the ability to customise the aesthetics to their own personality. The unique design blends state-of-the-art technology with an evocative, retro-feel exterior and an extraordinary range of personalised options and finishes are available to suit the needs of any customer.

The iconic handcrafted side panels take inspiration from the distinguished boat tail cars of the 1920’s and timeless beauty of the icons made famous on the Italian Riviera in the 195060’s with other automotive and nautical influences running throughout the Brand. The functionality of the bespoke wood fired ovens benefit from the input of leading chefs and feature an array of patent applied for intelligent control systems to ensure perfectly cooked food.

As production of Aemyrie wood fired ovens is extremely limited we look forward to welcoming you to an exclusive family of unique and individual ownership.