Must-Have Additions For Your Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Building your very own luxury outdoor kitchen is a dream that many food aficionados share, which fuelled the very concept of Aemyrie wood-fired ovens! While the attributes required to build the perfect outdoor kitchen may seem self-explanatory, there are a few additional products we can suggest which will perfect your outdoor cooking experience…


Atmosphere Enhancers

While outdoor kitchens are certainly becoming more common, they are not quite run-of-the-mill just yet. This means that there is still time to make a statement with your outdoor kitchen oven! The chances are that you will use your outdoor kitchen space to host numerous events.  So why not consider enhancing the mood of your outdoor space with a few simple additions? For example, outdoor lights with dimmer switches can give full-control over lighting, which will ensure that your lighting is perfect. Fireplaces and fire pits can also provide a delightful ambience, as well as creating a central point for socialising. Sound systems are also popular for adding background music, or an extra dimension to outdoor movie nights. All of these innovative additions to your luxury outdoor kitchen are guaranteed to give your garden a certain je ne sais quoi.



Although utilities may seem a little more mundane to consider, they are essential. However, the style of utility is dependent on how your outdoor kitchen will be used. The supply of electricity, water, and/or gas that our luxury outdoor kitchens allow, truly differentiates Aemyrie from other outdoor kitchens. Our kitchens allow for the installation of sinks, bars, and outdoor fridges, all of which will enhance your experience whilst preparing food and entertaining. Long gone will be the need to keep popping back inside for ingredients, drinks, or ice!


Wood Fired Oven

We like to think that no luxury outdoor kitchen would be complete without the inclusion of a bespoke wood-fired oven such as an Aemyrie! Handcrafted in the UK by skilled craftsmen who use only the finest materials, we offer a variety of finishes inspired by luxury automotive and nautical motifs. However, these ovens by no means prioritise form over function. An Aemyrie wood-fired oven reaches and maintains temperatures of over 350˚C in a matter of minutes, allowing you to cater for upwards of 30 guests at any one time with ease.


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The perfect luxury outdoor kitchen oven