Unsure if You Need an Outdoor Kitchen? Here Are 3 Reasons You May

We know that there are few things quite as tempting as the idea of owning a luxury outdoor kitchen, but even though some people may consider this dream as frivolous or unnecessary, there are plenty of truly practical uses for an outdoor kitchen.


Expand Your Kitchen


Have you ever wished for a larger or more open-plan kitchen? A luxury outdoor kitchen is your chance to get exactly what you wanted, and without having to worry about remodelling your house to fit it all in. You are effectively doubling your kitchen size, and giving yourself a whole new work area for times where busy and clashing schedules may mean multiple meals need to be prepared at the same time.


Be the Host You Have Always Dreamed Of


Luxury outdoor kitchens make an absolutely fantastic entertaining space for a variety of functions, whether you are hosting a sophisticated soirée or throwing something more laid back. And with an Aemyrie grill, you can easily prepare food for 30 people or more – perfect for larger celebrations!


Enjoy the Outdoors Again


Between juggling busy school schedules and hectic jobs with long hours, many families spend more of their time indoors than they would prefer. Having a luxury outdoor kitchen is a great excuse to get outside, and even taking just one meal a day outside can really boost your mood! Never underestimate the effect of some fresh air after a long day (and you may also clock up some extra vitamin D from the sunlight, which is something else Britons at least tend to miss out on).


No luxury outdoor kitchen should be complete without a bespoke Aemyrie grill, and our range of personalised finishes ensures that you will always be the star of the show when hosting friends & family. Request a brochure and personal introduction today by emailing info@aemyrie.com, calling +44 (0)1243 378274, or completing the contact form on our website.

A bespoke Aemyrie grill placed in the garden, one of many ways to complete a luxury outdoor kitchen.