4 Recipes to Help You Host the Perfect Vegan “Beet-BQ”

Are you tired of always cooking meat on your luxury wood-fired oven? Do you think that barbecues and wood-fired cooking could do with more variety? Are you catering for a group of friends and family with a large proportion of vegans? Or do you perhaps want to see what all the fuss is about and try some vegan recipes for yourself? The Aemyrie Test Kitchen is always working on your behalf and we have compiled a small selection of vegan dishes that you can cook to perfection in no time! Why not try…


Carrot Hot Dogs

Have you ever seen a particularly ingenious recipe and thought “what will they think of next”? Well, it looks like carrot hot dogs are the answer! The key here is to boil the carrots in a marinade to quickly infuse the flavour, before grilling to achieve the perfect texture.

Black Bean Burgers

Want something with a bit more substance that really looks the part too? These black bean burgers are the perfect fit; boasting an allotment-worth of vegetables and being gluten-free to boot. Try some today, but don’t fill yourself up before sampling everything else too!

Aubergine & Mint Bruschetta

Basics are great for barbecues, but if you want to try something a bit different then this recipe is a must! Simple yet colourful; this dish is bound to impress at get-togethers, or be a tasty treat for an intimate evening in your outdoor kitchen.

BBQ Cauliflower Steak

Want to try some cauliflower steaks for yourself following all the hype and controversy? These ‘fake steaks’ are delightfully hearty, and far more flavourful than you might initially think – especially after proper preparation and seasoning.


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Beetroot on bench | luxury wood-fired oven