Shrove Tuesday Challenge: Can You Make All These Pancakes Using A Grill?

With Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) fast approaching next week, what better way could there be to make the most of your bespoke outdoor grill than by cooking pancakes on it? If you are unsure how to go about cooking these outdoors then find out how to get started here. After that; spread your wings and try these other delicious varieties of pancakes that will help you make it through the rest of the week. Think you can manage them all? Come on – we challenge you!



Who can resist chocolate at the best of times, let alone when mixed with pancake batter? Serve with berries and cream (or yogurt for a fresher option), or perhaps go the more decadent route by adding extra chocolate chips – either before or after grilling!



If you enjoy blueberry muffins, then these are sure to go down a treat! There is a simple reason that blueberry pancakes are so popular over in the United States – because they are delicious! Give them a go and relish the fact that you’ll be getting one of your 5 a day at the same time.



The idea of coconut pancakes came as a surprise to us too, but doesn’t it seem like such a summery thing to be eating in February? Perfect for cheering up those winter blues, and this recipe gets bonus points for being dairy free, so vegetarians and those with allergies can rejoice!



Speaking of vegetarians, veganism is now more popular than ever, so the chances are that you will be needing a suitable pancake mix this year. Adorn them however you please, but a classic fruit and syrup combination is always a winner in our books!


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A stack of blueberry pancakes cooked on our bespoke outdoor grill.