Summer Stunners - Recipes To Elevate Any Wood Fired Grill

As the end of summer approaches, it is time to step up your wood-fired grill game and show off your skills to friends and family. With seasonal ingredients and a bespoke outdoor grill in hand there is no doubt that your food and your barbecue will be a knockout. To help, we have compiled some great tips and recipes so you can just sit back, relax and let your outdoor grill sing.

Aperol Spritz

Nothing feels more like summer than when you are sipping a fresh, cool cocktail on a warm sunlit afternoon. This classic Italian cocktail is perfect for a slightly more grown up party. It’s also really easy too! All you need is 100ml of Aperol, 150ml of Champagne (or Prosecco) and top off with soda. A dash of elderflower syrup brightens this summer drink up too, and you can change measurements to taste.

Griddled Halloumi with Watermelon & Caper Breadcrumbs

This vibrant and fresh recipe brings together a delicious mix of flavours and textures that will wow your guests. The surprising, but brilliant flavour combination of juicy watermelon, salty Halloumi and fresh mint is perfect for a summer barbecue. Halloumi, when cooked on a wood fired bespoke outdoor grill also gains those beautiful smoky flavours which add a final flourish!

BBQ Minty Garlic Lamb

For the main event how about a smoky, minty, garlicky lamb? If you are a meat lover this will definitely be up your alley, as there is nothing that cries ‘eat me’ more than a succulent piece of lamb fresh off of a bespoke outdoor grill. Lamb and mint is a timeless combination, and the smoke from the grill only enhances the overall flavour. Add lemon, anchovy and Greek herbs to achieve a more Mediterranean Kleftico like dish.

Strawberry & Elderflower Gateau

There are few parties that should not end with a dessert, especially if they look and taste as delightful as this recipe. A gateau is a brilliant way to impress your friends – it is light, fruity and exactly what a summer dessert should be. Not to mention it can be made in only 30 minutes! Serve with a little dollop of raspberry coulis or cream and you will have yourself a hit.

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