Three Ways A Bespoke Outdoor Kitchen Will Enrich Your Life

Have you been considering installing a bespoke outdoor kitchen to complete your home and increase your property value, but wondered at the practical use for one? It may seem like a luxury at first, but trust us, once you have become accustomed to an outdoor kitchen, you will wonder how you ever lived without one! Just take a moment to consider:


Family Meals

Outdoor kitchens with their own accompanying dining areas make for an ideal setting for family meals, especially if you all like to get hands-on and involved in the preparation, cooking, and serving processes too!

Nothing eases the day’s tension away quite like dining alfresco, and conversation can flow that much more easily here; you will soon find that you can make an everyday event like dinner feel in equal measures more special and calming.

Alone Time

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to catch some time by yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the hub that serves as your indoor kitchen. Whether you want to practice some new recipes and smoking techniques, or simply enjoy the fresh air in peace, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect solution!

Your outdoor kitchen can also easily be made into a space of your own to relax in with the simple addition of comfort items like chairs, cushions, refrigeration and more. Add a glass of wine (or your preferred drink) into the equation and you have your very own slice of heaven, right in your back garden.

Events & Entertaining

A bespoke outdoor kitchen and dining area is a novel way to serve food at get-togethers, and its open-plan design will allow you to still interact with and entertain your guests as you prepare their meal, similar to the way many elite restaurants are run.

Having an Aemyrie wood-fired oven in your outdoor kitchen will also make the entire process much easier due to its temperature control system that ensures everything is perfectly cooked and the ability to cater for 30 people at once. And once the party is over, you don’t even need to worry about cleaning an Aemyrie like you would a standard grill or barbecue, as its high temperatures simply carbonise most food residue. How’s that for a fuss-free get-together?


So you want to take the leap and experience the joys of having your very own bespoke outdoor kitchen complete with a luxury Aemyrie wood-fired oven? Contact us today to request a brochure and personal introduction by emailing or calling +44 (0)1243 378274 and you too could soon be the proud owner of a hand-made masterpiece designed specifically to match the decor of your bespoke outdoor kitchen!

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