Treat Your Guests This Halloween With These Grill-Friendly Recipes

One of the greatest joys of owing a bespoke wood fired grill is that you can play host to any number of fabulous dinner parties. Halloween parties are fairly common, but why not do something a little different this year and hold a Halloween barbecue? We have unearthed some beautifully autumnal recipes that will allow you and your guests to have a real feast and chase away the chill of the season.


Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin soup is flavoursome and warming, making it perfect for chilly autumnal nights! Once you have decided if your guests would prefer pumpkin smoked or roasted, you can get to work, and you should find making this soup a lot less fiddly than carving a pumpkin lantern!


Grilled Ribs


Ribs are a quintessential barbecue food, and can be easily arranged on Halloween to resemble a human ribcage for those of you wanting maximum wow factor without needing to spend ages decorating.


Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Bell Peppers


All it takes are a few simple cuts to transform these orange bell peppers into miniature imitation pumpkins! Including a delicious stuffing, these make for an easy but festive addition to your Halloween get together.


Spiced Sweet Potato and Bacon Skewers


The rich orange colour and unique flavour of sweet potato makes it perfect to serve during the autumn months, (especially Halloween) and makes a great change from the usual ingredients you may be used to skewering and grilling.


Monster Mousse


One of the best things about this delicious dessert is that you can leave it to cook whilst you enjoy the main course (though the bananas hidden inside are a pretty big bonus).

If you would prefer another sort of dessert, once you have mastered cooking doughnuts and gingerbread men on your grill, you can easily “spookify” these with just a little bit of decoration!


We love to try new things when it comes to cooking and grilling, especially when it gives us an opportunity to use our bespoke wood fired grill! If you try any of these recipes we would love to hear about it and please share a picture to our social media feeds! For more information about Aemyrie ownership request a brochure and personal introduction by emailing, calling +44 (0)1243 378274, or completing the contact form on our website.

A picture of pumpkin soup, which can be made using one of our high end barbecue ovens