Did You Get Fired Up For UK BBQ Week?

It has been a spectacular ten days by all accounts, but sadly today sees UK BBQ Week draw to a close. Having kicked off last Friday, the 6th July, every day since then has seen the team here at Aemyrie and thousands of other culinary enthusiasts taking to the great outdoors to cook delightful creations using nothing but an outdoor wood-fired oven!


If this is the first you are hearing of UK BBQ Week, then allow us to explain exactly what it is; dreamed up as a way to show how simple and rewarding barbecue can be – no matter the time of year – UK BBQ Week aims to bring barbecue lovers together as a community, so that professionals and amateurs alike can share tips, recipes, and escapades based on experiences cooking food over an open flame.

To do so, UK BBQ Week puts together a yearly calendar, which not only includes preparation days for tasks such as cleaning your grill and buying fuel/ingredients, but also offers themed prompts for each of the ten days of celebration. Our particular favourites from this year’s themes included “Best of American BBQ” and the classic “Curry Night”, although every day was a fantastic showcase of the creativeness and ingenuity of outdoor cooking enthusiasts around the globe.

If you are upset to have missed out and are keen to try some of the culinary marvels conjured up this week, never fear, because UK BBQ Week’s website still features a wide range of fantastic recipes that you can follow – or you can browse through the Aemyrie blog for further recipe inspiration.


If you have not purchased your own handcrafted, outdoor wood-fired oven from Aemyrie, now is the perfect time to order your own personalised commission, get prepared for next year’s UK BBQ Week, and enjoy cooking in your outdoor kitchen all year round until then. You can read more about our product specifications here or get in touch with us today to receive a brochure, pricing information, and a personal introduction. Simply fill out our contact form, email info@aemyrie.com, or call 01243 378274.

A Mac & Cheese Burger cooked on an outdoor wood-fired oven