Get Fired Up For UK BBQ Week

Grab your apron and ignite your outdoor wood-fired oven, because in case you were not already aware, it is UK BBQ Week! Join Aemyrie and thousands of other enthusiasts from Friday 6th – Sunday 15th July to celebrate our love of combining the pleasures of the great outdoors with the culinary arts.


The Founders of UK BBQ Week dreamed up this event as a way to show how simple and rewarding cooking your own food over an open flame (or smoking it) can be, no matter the time of year. They also wanted to bring BBQ lovers together as a community, so that professionals and amateurs alike would be able to share tips, recipes, and escapades.

Of course, while many may be raring to go, some first-timers might be feeling a little unsure of where to begin, but it is as simple as referring to UK BBQ Week’s handy calendar, which offers themed prompts and challenges for every day of the week, including “Meat Free Monday” and “Best of British”. If you still find yourself lacking for inspiration, though, their website also includes a wide range of fantastic recipes that you can follow (or you can browse through some of the recipes that we have shared here on the Aemyrie blog).

Are you inspired to take part in UK BBQ Week? It is not too late to join in on the fun! Just make sure you document your hard work by taking lots of pictures and sharing them with us and UK BBQ Week through social media! Whether you follow the 2018 themes to the letter, or go your own way, we are sure that whatever you conjure up on your outdoor wood-fired oven will be a spectacular success!


If you have not purchased your own handcrafted, outdoor wood-fired oven from Aemyrie, now is the perfect time to order your own personalised commission, get prepared for next year’s UK BBQ Week, and enjoy cooking in your outdoor kitchen all year round until then. You can read more about our product specifications here or get in touch with us today to receive a brochure, pricing information, and a personal introduction. Simply fill out our contact form, email, or call 01243 378274.

Outdoor wood-fired oven creator Aemyrie is proud to be a part of UK BBQ Week 2018