Using Your Wood-Fire Oven to Create the Perfect Roast Dinner

As we transition into Autumn, the UK looks forward to a change of seasonal produce and thoughts turn towards early morning frosts, a bountiful harvest, and warming comfort food. This is a wonderful time of year to put your wood-fire oven to good use, and the traditional English roast dinner with perfectly cooked joints of meats never fails to delight.


Wood-fire ovens truly excel when cooking larger pieces of meat, and impart a unique taste that can only be created when using a real wood-fire. The versatility of wood-fire ovens can also create the perfect accompanying vegetables, and here are some tried and tested ideas as to how you can use yours to create the perfect roast dinner.


Roast Chicken

Although it may be time to say goodbye to BBQ chicken-wings, a wood-fire roasted chicken with crispy mahogany coloured skin creates a truly delicious centrepiece for a roast dinner for family and friends. If you are an Aemyrie Owner try using use the ‘low and slow’ settings to create the perfect roast chicken.


Roast Lamb

Roast lamb is a roast dinner favourite all over Britain, and what could be better than a wood-fire roasted joint accompanied with homemade mint sauce? For Aemyrie Owners, the intelligent temperature control system in your wood-fire oven allows cooking with the same ease you would expect from a traditional oven.


Roast Potatoes

What is a roast dinner without roast potatoes? A wood-fire oven can operate at significantly higher temperatures than a conventional oven allowing the humble potato to be elevated to entirely new standards. Owners of an Aemyrie wood-fire oven can achieve the perfectly crisp roast potatoes and achieve a quality which could be expected from a Michelin starred establishment. Why not use a potato recipe from one of our Great British Chefs.


Why not transition into the winter months with a state of the art wood-fire oven capable of creating the perfect roast dinner. Aemyrie ovens are made like no other, and will make you the star chef amongst your friends and family. Request a brochure and personal introduction by calling +44 (0) 1243 378274 or by emailing

A roast chicken cooked on an Aemyrie wood-fire oven.