Five Things You Did Not Know You Could Grill

We know that anyone who appreciates an outdoor oven the way we do also loves to cook delicious food and try out new recipes, which is why we are keeping you in the know about all the unexpected foods you can grill! We have written about salads that you can grill previously, and here are some more for you to try!



Watermelon is a wonderfully refreshing fruit to eat in the summer, and it may be one of the last things you consider trying to grill, but trust us – it works! The texture changes a little during grilling (some even liken it to steak!), and if you add something like smoked salt you can really amplify the contrast between sweet and salty, smoky and refreshing.


It may sound strange to grill something that’s already been fried, but glazed doughnuts become slightly caramelised on the outside whilst remaining soft and warm on the inside… Simply heavenly! You could even go the extra mile and pair with strawberries and cream.


Grilled avocados make a great accompaniment for meat or fish, and you can grill them in wedges, slices, or even halves. If you’d like to make avocado the focus of the dish then opt for the latter, and make sure to stuff the space where the pit was. You could make salsa, or simply use cooked beans, peppers, onions, or even meat.


A homemade pizza cooked on an Aemyrie wood-fired oven is unlike anything you could do with a conventional oven, and will give your dough that wonderful charred taste you only find with authentic wood-fired pizzas. There are so many toppings and combinations to try with grilled pizza, all you have to do is stock up and take your pick. This recipe by Jamie Gibson is one of our favourites!


Whether you prefer yours charred or caramelised, grilled peaches are a rare, tasty treat! You can even wrap them in bacon before grilling to give a wonderful contrast between sweet and salty flavours, intensifying the delicious taste of this fresh summer produce.


Nothing quite makes the luxury outdoor oven experience complete like cooking and serving something a bit unexpected that manages to delight you in ways you didn’t think possible! If you are as passionate about cooking on real wood and fire as we are, make sure to keep up to date with our social media and outdoor oven blog posts. To experience the exclusivity of owning a bespoke Aemyrie grill, please get in touch – we are always happy to talk to fellow grilling enthusiasts and you’ll be whipping up tasty new dishes in no time! Email us at or call us on +44 (0)1243 378274.

Avocado toast made on an outdoor oven